MCMS2002 SP2 issue: SDO exports/imports hang with no indications of why!

Friday, August 18, 2006 11:46 AM
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If you're a CMS developer, I bet you've had your fair share with the flaky site deployment UI in Site Manager. There are a ton of posts in the CMS newsgroup about it, as well as on Stefan's FAQ… but today I hit one I couldn't find any answers other than the resolution of “open a PSS case” which just isn't acceptable to me… hey, we can figure these things out right? PSS is going run through a process of elimination… so let me go ahead and to that before we open a case and have to do it anyway (I can do it faster on my own than by some guy walking me through it over the phone)…

Ran across this little annoying issue today with a new CMS 2002 SP2 install I'm putting together for a new CMS site I'm developing.

_Why are you working with CMS 2002? That's so… 2002… why not use WCM in MOSS?_Well, I'm working on a real world CMS 2002 site for a eventual WCM migration… just work with me ok?

Anyway, I did the typical stuff… install Win2003 R2, VS2005, SQL2005 and fully patch everything. Then I installed MCMS 2002, installed the hotfix (MSKB 915190) that lets you install the dev tools without installing VS2003, installed MCMS SP1a (adding Site Manager & the dev tools), then installing MCMS SP2. Then, ran through the DCA to create a repository and configure IIS for the SCA, and created two new read/write sites.

_Wait, you said you were developing one site?_At Mindsharp, we have another CMS site now: The plan is to run both of them off the same CMS repository.

Next, I want to get up and running, so I take an SDO export from production, open Site Manager, and try to import it… nothing. Site Manager just hangs… nothing in the event log, no indication what's up. Hmm… lemme try a simple export from my new environment… same result. A quick search on the CMS newsgroup, Stefan's FAQ, web searches… nada. Odd… ok, time to dig in…

[considerable amount of tinkering & cursing omitted]

Ends up that while my sites in IIS were set to use ASP.NET 2.0, the CMS web applications (MCMS & SiteDeployment) were still set to use ASP.NET 1.1! Hadn't seen that before! Switching them over to ASP.NET 2.0 and recycling IIS did the trick.

Adding these keywords to help others find this post since I didn't find anything in my research: site deployment, freeze, hang, export, import, sdo, site manager, sp2, cms.

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