MCMS.Rapid webcast … and V1.1 revealed

Thursday, March 10, 2005 1:08 AM
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[Via Mark Harrison]

I watched the webcast live (after pulling a big screwup on time zones… I need to go back to Time Zone Math 101… got up way too early for this one… doh!).  MCMS.Rapid is slick… if you’re doing MCMS development, OR if you are a company thinking about MCMS, you need to check this out.  It could save you TONS of money and time.

Thank you to those that attended today’s MCMS.Rapid webcast. Great that we had over 120 attendees.

The session was recorded and will soon be available to replay on demand - it will be at:

The log of questions asked is at: One thing we revealed on the Q&A was that V1.1 has kicked off today and will include Membership (authentication / user profiles / user roles) and SharePoint/CMS integration.

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