MOSS 2007 ECM Starter Kit - updated for B2TR

Wednesday, October 11, 2006 7:30 PM

Eilene Hao, PM for Office/SharePoint Workflow, has posted to the ECM Team Blog the updated ECM Starter Kit for B2TR. While the actual installer isn’t available on MSDN just yet (I’ll update this post & my WCM linkfest when it is), she posted the “unofficial” version to her blog post.

What’s in the updated one?

  • Whitepaper on How to Add Activities to SharePoint Designer (WOOO!)
  • Records Management Sample Barcode Generator
  • ECM Workflow Activity: FindManager

One last thing she mentions in her post… this is awesome: All workflow templates include sample WSP (SharePoint solution packages) files to help you see how to bundle workflows for deployment to production servers!

» ECM Starter Kit for B2TR

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