MOSS 2007 WCM B2TR - Updated Documentation in the Beta 2TR SDK Refresh

Wednesday, October 11, 2006 7:55 PM
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Haven't seen this get much traction and even though B2TR has been out for a few weeks now, it's worth noting that WCM developers shouldn't overlook the best source of documentation for WCM: the MOSS 2007 SDK!

Randall Isenhour, *the* man behind the SharePoint SDK, has detailed everything (and I mean *everything*) that was updated in the B2TR refresh of the MOSS 2007 SDK in a post on his blog:

» Web Content Management (WCM) : New and Updated Content in the SharePoint SDK for Beta 2TR

Where can you get the SDK? Here are a few links to the MOSS SDK:

» MOSS 2007 SDK (downloadable CHM) » MOSS 2007 SDK (MSDN content)

And just to cover all bases…

» WSS v3 SDK (downloadable CHM)

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