MOSS 2007 WCM / Publishing Site developer training online - September 24-28, 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007 3:01 PM

Can’t make the hands-on MOSS / WCM hands-on dev training next week in Dallas, TX? Go online in two weeks! I’m teaching the same class (with minor differences, see below) via Live Meeting the week of September 24-28, 2007 through the Ted Pattison Group. Enjoy WCM from the comfort of your office!

Sometimes you just can’t get out of town… sometimes other times you just can’t be out of the office for 4 straight days. This is why we’ve put this class together; it is for those of you when the hands-on delivery just doesn’t meet your schedule.

**Class details:**September 24-28, 2007 (5-days)10am - 1:30p (EDT = GMT -0500)$995 USD / student

**About the class:**This class, Developing Publishing Sites with SharePoint Server 2007 WCM, is not like other classes where some contractor has been hired to pull the content together. I wrote 100% of it, I teach 100% of it. This class is for developers… I’ll show you not only how to build a Publishing site, but I’ll show you how to do it in a process oriented way. What do I mean?

Unlike other classes where you learn how to build sites using just SharePoint Designer or the browser, you’ll learn about another technique that’s fully supported. You’ll walk away with the knowledge of what’s involved in building a Publishing site, but also how you can integrate all the files you use in development into source control & follow your company’s change management and development lifecycle processes.

The online version of the course is a little different than the hands-on course. First, we only cover 10 of the 12 modules in the hands-on course due to time, omitting the modules on Extending the OOTB Authoring Experience & Content Deployment. Second, due to time restrictions, the labs are not done in class, rather they are assigned as “homework”. Third, unlike a hands-on class where there is more dialog, an online class doesn’t promote dialog or interaction between students and the instructor. No worries, we still do a Q/A at the end of each day and you have full access to me during the times outside of class that week via email / Live Meeting. Fourth, rather than 4-days in the hands-on class, we do 5-day with 2 modules per day. Fifth, the class is over half the cost of the hands-on course. It’s not the same experience, so it’s not the same price. Duh! :)

For more information on the course, you can check the following page on my blog that contains testimonials from former students as well as additional detail on the differences between the hands-on and online versions of the class:

» Office SharePoint Server 2007 Web Content Management Developer Training

You can also see details on the hands-on class (WCM401) and online class (WC-WCM401) on the Ted Pattison Group site. Want to register? Just follow this link:

» TPG WC-WCM401 Sept 24-28, 2007 Registration

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