MSDN: Overview ov Visual C# 2005

Wednesday, October 13, 2004 9:04 AM

Very cool:

The next release of Microsoft Visual Studio®, codenamed “Whidbey,” has been significantly improved for C# developers by adding innovative language constructs, new compiler features, dramatically enhanced developer productivity, and an improved debugging experience. In the area of language innovation, the Whidbey release of C# will support generics, iterators, partial types, and anonymous methods. New compiler features for Whidbey enable developers to do things like disable compiler warnings directly in code or verify ECMA/ISO conformance. Whidbey will also include several productivity enhancements include refactoring, code expansions, code formatting, enhanced IntelliSense, and much more. The debugging experience has also been improved with new features like enhanced datatips, debugger visualizers, design-time expression evaluation, and more. This document is a sampling of some of the new capabilities available in Whidbey and we are continuing to add new features that customers want.

» An Overview of Visual C# 2005 » Language Enhancements » Productivity Enhancements

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