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MSDN Webcast Follow-up: MOSS WCM for Developers and Designers

First, thank you to everyone who attended my webcast yesterday on Office SharePoint Server 2007 Web Content Management for Developers and Designers. Hopefully you got what you were looking for! This webcast was rescheduled from the original date in mid November… thanks for your patience in the rescheduling. I was quite surprised a great number of people stuck around for the Q/A even after we had to cut the audio off. One thing I didn’t expect: apparently I got under the skin of quite a few Florida State, Michigan, and Ohio State fans with my custom field control… oh well. I just reiterate what I said the other day: All I want for Christmas is a National Championship… GO GATORS! :)

The webcast is now available for viewing either streaming from the Live Meeting site or download for offline viewing. Use the following link to view either version:

Office SharePoint Server 2007 Web Content Management for Developers and Designers (Level 200)

This webcast was the third and final in a series where I presented WCM to three different audiences. The other two (for site admins & owners and content owners & authors) are also available for offline viewing at either of the following two links:

Those two links will take you to the listing on the speaking page on my blog which has a link to the webcast as well as links to the recap posts, slide decks, and code samples used in the talks. If you’re interested in getting a copy of the slide deck I used in this presentation or the code I used for the minimal master page and custom field control, you can download it from the entry on my speaking page using this link: /Presentations#20061117

During the Q/A session, I mentioned a few links that I said I’d include in this recap post for you… so here you go!

I think I covered everything… hope I didn’t miss anything! Someone asked during the Q/A if I would save the questions & answers and post them in this recap post. I intended to, but looking at the log, it needs to be cleaned up (it’s really a log showing every time someone edited a question as well as private messages). I’ll get it cleaned up and added to the entry for this webcast on my speaking page in the next few days.

If I missed something, please let me know and I’ll be happy to amend this post! I know I had more URL’s jotted down when I did a brain dump into OneNote yesterday afternoon, but apparently I failed to backup changes to that OneNote notebook as I repaved my machine today to install Vista and it looks like I lost my notes :(.

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