MSFT PDC 2005 - It all starts today

Tuesday, September 13, 2005 5:11 AM

Today is the first real day of the Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference in Los Angeles, CA.  Now I know what it was like for those who weren’t at TechEd… living virtually through the bloggers and the news that trickes out of the event.  With over 1,000 bloggers at this year’s PDC, I’m sure we’ll hear all the news as it breaks! I’m bummed (I’m not there), I’m stoked, and I’m totally distracted!

While watching the fight/MNF game last night, I made sure I had read through all posts in my major folders in FeedDemon so I can see what new stuff hits this week.

With so much stuff coming out of the PDC, here’s what is really on my “anticipation” list (in order):

  • MCMS vNext: sure, it’s O12, but deserves it’s own mention)
  • SharePoint v3: sure, it’s O12, but deserves it’s own mention
  • Anything Office 12: UI, clients, new server products
  • VS .NET Codename: Orcas (we’ve all seen VS.NET 2005 and SQL 2005, I want to see what’s coming next!)
  • Project Atlas: Scott Guthrie will be releasing info on the new post-ASP.NET 2.0 update that provides real developer & debugger friendly AJAX
  • Vista: not as big on my list… it’s huge for everyone else, but yes, it does still interest me

I couldn’t agree with Mark’s post more… I think this is the start of a very big change for Microsoft develoeprs & in turn, consumers of Microsoft products/technology. I can’t imagine a better time in our past since the Internet came of age in the last 10 years when our geek world is getting turned on its head. We’ve all heard a bunch of stuff related to Vista, Office 12 System, .NET, etc… at TechEd a lot of stuff was shown… but nothing breath taking… it was more a “see, check this out” of stuff we heard was coming.  This week, I feel like Bill Gates & company have jumped in the driver seat, screamed “hold on” and slammed the peddle down to the floor.  For the record, I’ve jumped in the car… this is going to be one hell of a ride!

I wonder how much blogging I’ll do this week as I become a blog sponge! Now for a few links, enjoy the week! 

» PDC 2005

» Bill Gates’ PDC Keynote Webcast info


» PDC Flickr site


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