MSR’s Cheng moves from MSR -> Longhorn shell team

Thursday, May 5, 2005 12:19 PM

[via Dan Bartels & Robert Scoble]

Dan & Robert blogged about the news on Microsoft Watch that MSR Social Computing’s Lili Cheng moved to the Windows Shell interface team.  Lili was the one behind Wallop, Sapphire, image stacks… all very very cool project in MSRThis could mean for some very cool social computing infusions into the Longhorn user interface.  I’ve followed her work for the last two years… a VERY good move my MSFT IMHO.  Definately one to watch.  From Dan’s site:

Apparently Microsoft has moved 10 of its “social networking” experts from to the Longhorn UI team…  They haven’t commented if this is regarding the Wallop project (A community server like blog / photos / wiki app) or something more akin to the personal area networking discussed by Jim Allchin in his Scoble interview (, time will tell.

[Update 5/9/2005]: I was pretty pumped when I saw that Lili posted some comments to this post last week. I’m a big fan of her work and would just love to get in and be one of the Wallop testers/players, etc. Anyway, here’s Lili’s post about the move.

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