MVP Global Summit 2008 - that’s a wrap!

Friday, April 18, 2008 3:47 PM

Man, what a week. Just like previous MVP Global Summit’s, it is an intense week that’s mentally exhausting. Last year the SharePoint MVPs started a new tradition of playing paintball on the first day of the summit so now it’s also physically exhausting… but so much fun! There’s a great picture of the whole group on the SharePoint Team Blog here. Collectively we fired off some 80,000+ rounds of paintballs! Now THAT is some serious fun! Some memories from this year’s paintball:

  • As I ran down the side of the field to take a very good position on the other team, I saw Ben Robb hiding behind a barrier just as I ran by. We were no less than 5' apart from each other but he was reloading so I peppered him from close range… and it must have hurt. Even broke the skin (see image to the right)! I made it to the barrier, but slid into it knocking the support down causing it to collapse on me, trapping me in the mud. I lay there trying to get loose hearing paintballs explode around me on the barrier. Nice cover, but man it hurt!
  • Matt McDermott and I were ready to charge a position held by Kit Kai with Joel Oleson & Todd Bleeker… but Joel and Todd didn’t follow leaving Kit Kai to destroy both Matt and I.
  • Gary Lapointe strolls up behind me and says “hey Andrew” allowing me to get 1/2 way turned around before popping me at point blank range in the back.
  • I made sure Corne was clear I thought he was #1 all day :)
  • Speedball… we played a few games at the end… and that was some serious fun. The final face-off was between Corne & myself with Andrew Woodward. Everyone was yelling at Woodward and I to charge Corne or at least unload on him… but we couldn’t. He had 1 shot and I had 4 shots left. We finally elected to do the final stand and did a staggered attack. Unfortunately our 5 shots didn’t land on Corne and he outlasted us.

The content and sessions were fantastic. Unfortunately we can’t share the details as they are all done under a strict NDA, but all I can say is that I really enjoyed the rich & spirited dialog we had with the different people on the SharePoint team.

The week was brought to a close on Wednesday night with a fantastic dinner. Here we took a group picture which you can see, again, at the SharePoint Team blog here.

I can’t say how lucky and privileged I am to be part of such a fantastic group of individuals: SharePoint MVPs. We get grief from other MVPs and people from our regions because we are such a tight group. This is one event I’ll never miss. Looking forward to next March!


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