MVP Global Summit Day 2-3

Friday, September 30, 2005 5:57 PM

I’ve been quite impressed with the MVP Global Summit & the Seattle/Bellevue/Redmond area.  It’s been a blast meeting and hanging out with everyone (not to mention the content!… seriously… I’m not mentioning the content of the Summit).  Some nights have turned into be quite rough (like last night), but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’ve added thumbnails to all my pictures at the end of this post.

On Wednesday night I headed over to Quest Field where we had the Americas Regional Dinner. While there, I met up with some peeps from Florida: Stan Shultez & Russ Fustino (who got a nice surprise @ dinner). For those in Jax, I got the Code Camp video that Russ has been working on which I’ll get to Dennis to post to the JAXDUG site when I return to Jacksonville next week.

Last night we had a dinner at Building 36 in the cafe where I got to meet more SharePoint MVPs as well as Fitz, Julie Larson-Green (who I got to personally tell “your video rocks!") and Stephen Cummins, and experience another Scoble sighting.  Afterwards a few of us hit a pool hall in Kirkland (thanks for shuttling us around *again* Todd)… and I just had to get my picture taken with Robert Scoble.

I singled out a few the other day, but there are a few more to single out.  Angus, Arno, and Bil are also posting their pictures.

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