Max out the performance on your laptop when running VirtualPC with SpeedSwitchXP

Tuesday, July 18, 2006 10:29 PM

[via Virtual PC Guy’s WebLog]

Today’s laptops have advanced power management features that can dramatically affect the performance of a running virtual machine within VirtualPC (and I’m sure VMWare as well). It was becoming such a frequently asked question/topic that Ben Armstrong posted something about it last September: VirtualPC vs. Power Management.

Some laptop manufacturers have added their own power management apps to help users have the most granular control over their laptop’s power management, such as the app that came with my Toshiba Tecra M4 TabletPC.

Today Ben posted a tip to get SpeedSwitchXP which helps you manage and change some of the Windows power management features that are not exposed by Windows or some of the manufacturers. Looks pretty slick and quite feature rich. It runs in the system tray, giving you quick access to power schemes you can create from all the power management settings that SpeedSwitchXP provides… even more than my little Toshiba Power Saver app! Very cool stuff indeed. I’ve definitely noticed a bit of a performance boost at times when running VPC’s locally on my laptop, both from an external USB drive and from the internal drive.

» SpeedSwitchXP

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