Maybe I might go back to trying NewsGator…

Monday, October 18, 2004 3:08 PM
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The online features are now free again? Hmm… this may be a reason to try it again.

Disclaimer: I'm contracting with NewsGator right now, I'm not exactly un-biased. :)

Today, we shipped an upgraded version of NewsGator Online. The most visible new feature is the price: free!

With a free account, you get a web-based RSS aggregator. If you're a NewsGator for Outlook user, you also get free multi-machine sync, so your web edition and all your NewsGator Outlook editions can keep their "read posts" and "subscription" lists in sync.

In conjunction with this offering, there's also some great new features for all users, including free users.

Post Ratings - When reading via the web interface, you can rate individual posts. This data feeds into Recommended Feeds and Highly Rated Feeds, below.

Popular Feeds - A simple way to subscribe to tons of great free content from popular sites like ESPN, MSNBC, BBC, Rolling Stone, and Wired.

Recommended Feeds - Once you're subscribed to a bunch of things you like, visit this page to get 10 recommendations of feeds you'll probably like.

Highly Rated Feeds - Feeds with highly rated posts are listed, so you can quickly see what the web edition users like best.

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