Metalogix Migration Manager Live Meeting - September 13

Monday, September 11, 2006 8:27 PM

[via Angus Logan]

First, this post is long overdue… Rasool was kind enough to take the time to show me Migration Manager a few weeks back. I’ve been meaning to post this, but thankfully this Live Meeting is coming soon so I’ve got a nice fire under my rear to post it now!

My good friend Angus pointed out that Rasool from Metalogix is hosting a Live Meeting on Wednesday, September 13th @ 10a (eastern time).

A few weeks back Rasool spent some time with me showing their killer product, Migration Manager. Migration Manager is for you people who are moving to MOSS 2007 where either the upgrade/migration OOTB utilities won’t suit you needs (from a WSS v2, SPS2003, or MCMS 2002), or if you’re moving into the SharePoint line for the first time… INCLUDING your own home-grown content management site.

“Yeah, but MOSS will upgrade my WSS/SPS sites for me… why do I need Migration Manager?" Hey, if you can get a clean upgrade to work and you don’t have any special requirements such as taking advantage of the migration and using this time for a reorganization, then maybe the OOTB migration/upgrade tools will work for you. But, if you want to really reorganize some sites or content, then you need to check out Migration Manager.

“I thought that the content in my MCMS 2002 site was going to upgrade just fine to MOSS 2007?" Oh, it will… no worries. But, let’s face it, if you’re going to migrate your MCMS 2002 site to WCM in MOSS 2007, well… you don’t just have a point & click experience ahead of you… you’ve got two things to do: (1) migrate your content & (2) migrate your code. I’m betting that most of you have your Resource Gallery in MCMS structured in a to map your channel structure… a very common practice among MCMS managers. Well do you really want your site to move the content as it sits today? Wouldn’t you like specific resources to be migrated to specific sites instead of the Site Collection Image/Document Library? I know I would… Migration Manager can help you here.

“How can Migration Manager help my HTML-based content site… or home-grown site?" It’s got the ability to query the resulting HTML, via XPATH-based queries, and extract content for insertion into WSS/MOSS!

So… what’s the jist? I’m probably going to over simplify this more than Rasool, Julien, or Geordie would like me to, but here’s the jist from my perspective: Migration Manager will look at your existing site/platform and import everything into a staging database. You can then perform any number of actions, such as scrubbing your content, reorganizing it, or setting it up to create sites within WSS/MOSS. What’s really nice though is that you can keep re-importing your original site’s/platform’s content back into the staging database… all the while preserving the actions. You even get to preview what your site will look like when it does the migration! It does a LOT more than this, but… well watch the Live Meeting!

If you’re a large organization with a significant investment in MCMS or WSSv2/SPS2003 and you’re planning to upgrade to WSSv3/MOSS 2007, this Live Meeting is a MUST for you. I’d venture to say that it’s worth flat out ignoring the OOTB tools in MOSS for upgrade and just relying on Migration Manager to move your content.

» Live Meeting info @ Angus Logan’s blog

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