Microsoft Money 2004 (& other versions) & Passport problems

Wednesday, July 28, 2004 11:44 AM

Surprisingly CNET hasn’t picked up on this yet, but this week quite a few (if not a many) Microsoft Money 2004 customers have been locked out of their financial information due to a Sunday night update gone bad. Money users (like me) can use their Passport to secure their data as well as sync info with MSN. Basically, an update to the Passport servers caused many people to lose this online features (I did Monday morning) and others were totally locked out (progressed to that for me Monday night). Frustrating, but no official word from MS on their site… but there is some stuff from Cal, a Money MVP in the newsgroups (see links below)

I’ll post the resolution link when it’s made public.

» First notice that Microsoft was aware of the issue » Follow-up to what they are doing to fix it. [July 29 Update]» Russ from the Money team explains what happened on Monday » Russ has another update… looks like nothing will be done by us (hopefully) affected» ZDNET has picked up on it now [July 30 Update]» Russ posts a fix that many are saying works!!!» PC World picked up on it too

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