Microsoft has really nailed it with Windows Phone 7.5

Friday, October 7, 2011 2:59 PM

I’ve never looked back and wished “man I miss that” since I switched from my iPhone to a new Windows Phone 7 (WP7) when they came out in November 2007. As many know Microsoft recently released a big update to the phone dubbed “Mango”. I got the update before I headed out to a conference last week and wanted to share one small experience that blew me away with one of the capabilities in Mango.

As many WP7 users know, you can link people to their various identities from your email accounts, mailboxes (like Exchange), Facebook and LinkedIn. The Mango update added the ability to include Twitter in this collection as well. It’s quite handy because let’s say you are friends with someone on Facebook, but don’t have them in your mailbox like Exchange. If they call you, the phone recognizes the person from your linked identities and puts their Facebook picture on your phone with their name to show you who’s calling. It’s quite clever and cool.

So anyway, the experience I mentioned: at the show a few of us were trying to link up for some plans one evening. I didn’t have one person’s cell so they texted it to me. I then went to add it to my contact list and it immediately recognized their last name and associated that contact with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as we were connected in all of those mediums. Incredible… super easy.

This feature is so cool you find yourself asking “I need this in Outlook!” Good job guys in Redmond!

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