Microsoft research & digital photography

Friday, February 20, 2004 6:27 AM

Recently got on one of those personal spiders (you know, where you see one link, start reading, and next thing you know, you’ve just spidered a page like Google with interesting stuff)…. I guess you could say I just “Google’d”.

Microsoft Research has some cool digital photography things I found… almost all came from the Social Computing Group. I’ve blogged about them before… think this would be a killer group to work with.

  • The Life of a Digital Photo: Summarizes challenges of digital photography and what Microsoft Research is working on. Read here.
  • Continuos Flash: One of the hardest things with digital photography is lighting. Too little or too much causes you to lose detail. Continuos flash works by taking two pictures of the same subject, one with and one without the flash, merging the results, and getting a pure picture. Read more or check out a demo.
  • WWMX: What can you do if you had a large database of location-stamped digital photos? The World-Wide Media eXchange project wants to find out. WWMX website.
  • Image Stacks: “We present a simple but powerful Image Stack process for creating an enhanced image from a stack of registered images. This paradigm combines pixels using multi-image operations on a set of images of the same subject matter. We demonstrate how Image Stacks can help create group photographs, enhance high dynamic range images, combine images captured under different lighting conditions, remove unwanted objects from images, and combine images captured at different times and with different focal lengths." Read more.
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