Microsoft weaves workflow plan

Wednesday, September 14, 2005 6:26 AM

ComputerWorld said it first, I’m not disclosing anything here.  This may be the biggest deal with SharePoint vNext this week (ok, next to all the screenshots we’re dying for).

Microsoft is planning to unveil a new workflow subsystem for its client and server operating systems that will become a foundation service available on the Windows platform. The tool will be demonstrated at its Professional Developers Conference this week.

The company will take the wraps off Windows Workflow Foundation, which will pull together a number of current workflow technologies spread throughout Windows products, including Windows Workflow Services (WWS, formerly called Windows Orchestration Engine).

The single technology will provide a common service for building workflow to support business process automation in places such as Office-based collaborative applications, composite Web services applications, Microsoft’s business applications and the provisioning capabilities of Microsoft’s identity management platform.

ComputerWorld: Microsoft weaves workflow plan

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