More “Drip” fallout, my version of “..Things Right About SharePoint”, and Scobled!

Monday, July 11, 2005 5:27 AM

Looks like this whole Mike Drip article has started a product food fight (Scoble’s term).  Scoble actually picked up on it… and it looks like my post got Scobeled!  Sweet!  Second time I’ve been on his blog.

But seriously, please see this post, this one, and this one too, for a good index of the others who are taking up the case against Mike’s article.  I’d love to see Bill English’s or Todd Bleeker’s take on this article.  Some of the folks talking about it are Paul, Bil, Colin, Maurice, Arpan, Scoble, and me (here and here).

Bil went so far as to write a “Five Things Right About SharePoint”.  Building off Bil’s list, here’s my list:

  • Rapid site creation & deployment: Building a web space for multiple people to collaborate on documents and rapidly create lists… all with ZERO involvement from a “web” person in the IT group of your company.
  • Customization: You can build your own site def’s, your own web parts, or even customize how existing lists work (or create your own lists) using CAML.  I do think it could be easier to (1) build new site def’s and (2) more info on CAML out there… and I’ve said it enough on this blog, but face it, the customization is extensive.  I forgot to mention themes and the fact you can drag web parts all over the place to reorg your site at your pleasure
  • Open to other applications: Almost everything is exposed via web services… OOTB!  Can’t go wrong there.
  • Platform for other products: Microsoft’s Project Server is built on top of WSS… so is SharePoint Portal Server (duh).  I bet you’ll see other sites and products build off WSS in the future… and even more once the next version comes out!
  • Search: Wow… this is just a huge OOTB knock out.  If you are only using WSS’ search, you should see what you get with SharePoint Portal Server.  Best bets, keywords, and so much more customization you can do!  Some third party solutions are even building on it.  You can even use the SPS search in non-SharePoint sites, something that’s common within the MCMS world (albeit if you have an External Connector license).
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