Motorolla AT&T MPx200 Microsoft Smartphone

Wednesday, December 31, 2003 6:47 AM

In November, I got a new cellphone after losing my old Nokia. Perfect timing, the MPx200 had just been released as the first Smartphone to hit the US market. After learning that I could get a sweet discount through my company, I figured it was time… its what I’ve been waiting for so I jumped onboard. Far and away, this is the best phone/PDA I’ve ever owned. I like it so much, I just sold my iPaq 3850 on ebay. I love the calendar/task/email/contact sync with Outlook… what more can you ask for? Well, there are two things: the MPx200 comes with 2002 version of the Smartphone OS… and that’s frustrating since 2003 has been out for a while. The 2002 OS doesn’t support the .NET Compact Framework so I can can’t easily develop apps for it (no, I’m not going back to the eMbedded times). It also doesn’t have a camera, which while not necessary, would be nice to have. However, I did notice that Motorolla just submitted specs to the FCC for the MPx220 which will be released later this year. Rumors have this phone including the 2003 OS (with the Compact Framework), a camera, and Bluetooth! Um, think my MPx200 will be on ebay later this year. ;)

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