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My Vista beef...

So many folk have come out against Vista… but this won’t be another one of those posts. I love my Vista… love it like crazy. Still got a few things I have to iron out, but for the most part I’m very happy. However, there is one thing that’s driving me insane, one that’s annoying, and another that might be a REALLY big problem.

Vista Annoyance - Fails to get IP from some DHCP Servers Which ones? That my friends, THAT, is what is annoying me. A few weeks back I was onsite with a customer in Virginia doing a week-long workshop on MOSS 2007 WCM. So, naturally I’m in a hotel for a week… and I always check to make sure the hotel I stay in has free connectivity (I could care less if it’s wired/wireless… I only work at the desk in the room). Anyway, all the sudden I can’t get an IP from the hotel’s DHCP server. I even called tech support who, after establishing I knew what I was doing, still couldn’t get an IP. But I had no problem getting one (wired/wireless) from the client’s network, or two other hotels I’ve been in since then. Now my new router at home won’t give me an IP, even though every other client in my house has no problems. My laptop is the only Vista client, so that must have something to do with it. Working through the newsgroups on this one for now… oh well… hard coded IPs for now… arg.

Vista Potentially Big Issue - C# Files are Being “cleaned up” Yes, you heard me right. All the sudden, I’ll look at a project and see NO *.cs files. Something is “cleaning” them, or I like to think of it as vandalizing my projects. Thankfully everything has been recovered at some point, but this is quite annoying. Not sure what is doing this (Vista? OneCare? Gremlins? PFG’s?)

Anyone else seeing this? Having a hard time finding others in the newsgroups with this.

#1 Vista Thing That is Driving Me Insane - Vista “helping” me pick the folder view & how to present the files in folders I ~never~ had this problem on Win95, Win98, Win2000, WinXP, or Win2003. But no matter how many times I go to one folder and set it’s view to Details and put the size column between the folder/filename & date columns, then say “apply to all folders”… it still won’t stick!

In a similar rant, I’m SICK AND TIRED of Vista “guessing” what types of files are in a folder and “guessing” the folder customization. The next time I open the C:\Program Files and it has reverted back to a folder of type “pictures” I might just snap. Nothing will drive you more insane to open a folder where you keep a ton of code samples to see it’s now got a column for “Date Taken” (for pictures") or better yet “Album”, “Artist”, “Genre” or whatever else non-helpful column is shown I might do something drastic.

If there was only a checkbox along the lines of “Tell Vista To Stop Guessing At Folder Contents To Guess Folder Customizations and Views”.

Andrew Connell
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Written by Andrew Connell

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