My first blog…

Friday, September 26, 2003 11:08 AM

I’ve just finished setting up my blog engine using .Text v0.94…not terribly hard. In the coming days (which could turn into weeks), I’ll modify the UI with my own colors and layout as well as start filling up some posts and articles.

Forward: At this time, it’s running on my home server connected via DSL… that’s why you goto my website and it redirects you to my home network via the dynaDNS client ( Don’t bookmark… bookmark because I soon plan to upgrade my plan to get access to a SQL 2000 database. That will make the blog much more responsive.

So what do I plan to use my blog for? Just like the title says… some sports, news, and political related rants. I expect it to be dominated by technical links, articles, and other geek-content. I will also use it to keep those interested in my personal pet projects (big posts coming for those soon).

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