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I’m currently with CrystalTech and have been with them since 1998. I’ve never had a problem and have loved their customer service. Recently I’ve been getting more and more frustrated at the fact that I have to pay and arm & a leg (in my mind) to get MS SQL on my plan. My current plan costs $17/mo and provides ample email addresses, domain email aliasing, 400MB of disk space, and ample bandwidth. BUT the only database option I have is MS Access. I have to jump to the $26/mo plan to get a meager 50MB database.

However, the more I look around, I see people using hosts such as SecureWebs and WebHost4Life . WebHost4Life has a $10/mo plan that provides 150MB of disk space AND 150MB of MS SQL database. Jump to the $20/mo plan (VERY appealing) and you get 300MB of disk and a 300MB SQL database!!!

Right now I’m running my blog (.Text) off my home PC that is always connected via a gateway to my DSL. I really want to get it off and move it to a host. I am working on another project where I will need a SQL db and I can see it growing to over 50MB easy. So… that’s my delima… and I may just have to pack up shop and move unless CT can see my problem and address their hosting plans (which they CONSTANTLY improve). Stay tuned on this one…

Andrew Connell
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Written by Andrew Connell

Andrew Connell is a web developer with a focus on Microsoft Azure & Microsoft 365. He’s received Microsoft’s MVP award every year since 2005 and has helped thousands of developers through the various courses he’s authored & taught. Andrew’s the founder of Voitanos and is dedicated to delivering industry-leading on-demand video training to professional developers. He lives with his wife & two kids in Florida.