My ideal phone device

Thursday, October 23, 2003 7:50 AM

Microsoft’s Smartphones are starting to cross the pond to the US. This past week, Moto and AT&T Wireless released the first MS Smartphone… unfortunately it’s only for those who are on the AT&T network (granted you can get it for another carrier if you have the right network, but I’m not willing just yet to do that (and forgo any support from my carrier).

I’ve been using a Nokia 8265 for almost two years now. I also carry an iPaq 3850. While I like both, I’m tired of having my PDA take up an entire pocket and still have a phone on my belt. The primary features I get from my PDA are 1) Contacts 2) Calendar 3) Tasks 4) AvantGo 5) Email… this makes me an ideal candidate for a Smartphone (along with some other reasons that I’ll leave out. So I’ve made the decision that I plan to get one… but not just any Smartphone…

The new Moto MPx200 is very cool… has _just about_ every feature I am looking for in a phone/PDA. Of course, I want all the standard PIM PDA apps such as a calendar, contact list, tasks, browser, and email. But if I’m getting a new phone, I want some of the other features most phones have like a tiny camera and speakerphone. Ideally, I’d like to throw Bluetooth in there. I love the design & form factor of the MPx200, just don’t know if I’d be willing to sacrifice the camera… but thankfully (or unfortunately), I am not on AT&T so I don’t have to decide on it _now_.

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