My new favorite SharePoint utility: Spence’s App Pool recycler

Monday, April 9, 2007 3:35 AM

[via Spencer Harbar]

A while back I blogged about the IIS app pool recycler shortcut that Todd showed me. To date, that was my favorite way to recycle my app pools on my development machines. No more!

Spence has created a slick little GUI utility that sits in your system tray to make app pool recycling much easier. It’s a real early version, but it just works. I’d love to see four additions to the final version:

  • Animation/notification when the pool was successfully recycled.
  • Ability to recycle IIS.
  • Ability to pop the context menu up via a keyboard shortcut.
  • Ability to specify a post-action to run after the app pool is recycled. I’d love to have the ability to automatically run the sharepoint warmup script once the pool is recycled.

» App Pool Recycler for SharePoint devs

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