My recent feed consolidation work to FeedBurner got buzzed!!!

Friday, October 28, 2005 11:52 AM

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The folks at FeedBurner noticed my two posts (linked below) and buzzed me about it here!  Thanks Traci!

If you are a syndicator of my feed (which most prob are), you probably didn’t notice the real time circulation number change on my site.  Before I made these changes, my daily circulation was around 80–110… now:


I was blown away by this increase in the number, that’s more than a 4–fold increase (at the time of this posting)!  It’s nice to have an accurate reading on who’s syndicating your feed.  If you’re interested how to do this, I’ve posted details on my site.  I’ll say that I got the ideas from Scott Mitchell’s post.  I basically did two things:

  1. I forced all syndication of my site to go through my FeedBurner feed, including those who were subscribing to the default RSS or ATOM feed from my blog (modified .Text engine).  You can read about it here: RSS Feed upated for good…
  2. I disabled category feeds and force all those previous links to go through my FB feed.  You can see how here: Three more site updates…

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