My recent lack of blogging

Thursday, February 17, 2005 4:23 AM

In general, you may notice that the last few weeks I haven’t been blogging much. There has been a ton of news related to MCMS and SharePoint, but I haven’t published it on my blog (like other bloggers are) in recent weeks. I’ve been quite consumed by events inside and outside of work over the last month: worked two 80hr+ weeks leading up to a massive MCMS-SharePoint site implementation, launched said MCMS-SPS site, had our first baby, and my dad went in for emergency quad bypass surgery (2 day’s after my son was born… he’s doing great BTW). I’ll get bac into the swing of things. I won’t reproduce all the great CMS and SPS stuff that’s come out recently, but I’d highly recommend the blogs below to get the latest info:

» MCMS & SharePoint: Angus Logan» MCMS & SharePoint: Mark Harrison» SharePoint: Jan Tielens» SharePoint: Patrick Tisseghem

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