NFL’s Second Season Starts This Weekend!

Thursday, January 3, 2008 7:56 PM

And now a break from the regularly scheduled technical post…

Ah… NFL playoffs… there might not be anything better in sports in my mind. March Madness is up there, but nothing beats good playoff football in the cold!

My Jags took one of the two AFC wild cards with a record better than two division winners, but thanks to two losses to Indy and a horrible loss to Tennessee on opening day, Indy took the division title. Personally I love where the Jags sit. What they say on TV is true… this team is built for the playoffs and the cold. Thank goodness Del Rio *finally* got rid of Byron Leftwitch at the beginning of the season to yield to Garrard, someone many of us have been screaming for in Jacksonville for years.

This week JAX heads to Pittsburgh for the second meeting in a month. We won last time with brute force and I like Saturday night’s matchup even more with PIT’s Willie Parker out and a few other injuries. The line opened up PIT -1 but has moved all the way to JAX -2. I’ll take JAX and lay the points from my local sports economist, but if it moves to -3 (as I expect it will), I’d certainly buy the hook (how you like that John!). I like this one so much, I’d really like to put a half-nickel if it wasn’t for the wife watching me close this time of year. :) A win will likely mean going to Foxboro to face of with the undefeated Pats next week. I better keep my mouth shut, but man, would I like to make plans to fly into Boston on Saturday and out on Sunday! :)

Washington is peaking at the right time and Seattle isn’t… that’s why I’ll take the ‘skins and the points (+3.5). Cleveland would have matched up better against San Diego… too bad… I’ll take SD to cover -9.5 over Tennessee (a sham of a team). The one that I can’t decide on is the G-men @ Tampa. Is Eli going to show up for the big game or will Tampa’s D make him look like John Belushi in the “COLLEGE” shirt? I think the latter… I’ll take Tampa to cover the -2.5.

Haven’t picked games on my blog in a LONG time. Got a bit burned by it back in ‘05 for posting my picks. Apparently plenty of corporate & government networks thought I was a gambling site and blocked me. So, if you can read my site @ home but not at work… well, show them the SharePoint posts and not this one to get me unblocked. :) Hey, once you’re white listed, you’re good so I figured what the hell this time, do it again!

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