NHL lockout… the NHLPA just doesn’t get it…

Friday, December 10, 2004 3:19 AM

Chalk up the NHLPA as another group who just doesn’t get it. Yes, they are supposed to look out for the players, but when the sport is on ice (no pun intentended), how is anyone benefiting? Yesterday the NHLPA proposed a 24% rollback of all salaries… saving owners a boat-load of cash. Great proposal… big problem: it doesn’t solve the problem. In effect, it simply rolls the contracts back a few years… but what keeps them from climbing up again? Nothing. In pro sports, you MUST tie salaries to revenues for financial stability. MLB still doesn’t get it, NBA pretty much gets it… but the NFL got it a LONG time ago. Have you heard any labor distress in the NFL? Not for years. It’s the only way… and it’s fair.

Earlier this week the NHLPA, owners, TV execs, and some others sat down to come up with some ways how to make the game more exciting & entertaining. Amazingly one option wasn’t discussed: start playing the games.

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