NNTP/RSS/ATOM reader research

Friday, June 25, 2004 12:44 PM

Followup to my research post… Got a lot of mileage out of my newsgroup post.  Here’s what most people were using as a newsreader (NOT blog… feel like I have a solid handle on that):Outlook ExpressOperaNewsGatorNNTP for Outlook by MAPILabNewsLookAgent newsreaderMozilla ThunderbirdSome were happy with their product, but nothing really stands out to me as a solid end solution.  I still want a RSS & NNTP combo, with the thought of expanding it further (maybe ‘Developer’s Assistant’ isn’t a good name… need a cool catchy codename).  I won’t post more requests for info in the newsgroups… everyone, including me, hates off topic posts.  I’ll start throwing together some requirements and feature designs, then mock up some screens, and maybe a Visio drawing of a 100’ view of the app architecture… hell, if there’s a market, maybe even start working on a UML of the object model.  I’ll keep all of these (features, requirements, design, etc) updated on my blog.I’m interested in making it a collaborative project (hosted on GotDotNet or SourceForge).  If you’re interested in participating in the feature requirements, or in the development, please drop me a line or a comment.  I don’t plan on creating the workspace/project until I’m solidly behind working on this thing.

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