New Dell Digital Jukebox Update

Monday, March 8, 2004 2:57 AM
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    Sean Alexander recently posted about a Firmware update for the Dell DJ.  This was MUCH desired an anticipated.  My install went flawlessly and I’m already cleaning up the mass of playlists I had created.

    Dell has just released a MUCH desired update to the Dell Digital Jukebox  Download it from Dell’s site here. Run, don’t walk for this update that address almost all of my minor nits with the device.

    Firmware v1.10.05 Changes:

    1. Updated Play Engine to fix issue with short voice recordings. This play engine also responds faster when performing FF (next track).

    2. Added option to “Play All Music Tracks” as an option within Music Library.

    3. Add option to “View Album” from within Music Library->Artist.

    4. Add option to “Play Album” from within Music Library->Artist->View Album->View Tracks, and from within Music Library->Album->View Tracks.

    5. Fixed problem with renaming tracks.

    6. Renamed “Remove All” under the pop-up for Selected Music to “Clear Selection”.

    7. Added a “Clear Selection” option to the pop-up on the Main Menu->Now Playing. This option will perform the same operation as (2), and change the screen to the Selected Music screen after clearing.

    Provided “As Is” with no warranties or rights.


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