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Monday, August 25, 2008 6:08 AM

One of my favorite ways to get support is customer-to-customer (aka: peer-to-peer). It’s usually quicker but more importantly, there’s tons of info in forums and other communities to usually find your issue and it’s resolution from someone else having the problem. Let’s face it, we aren’t all that special and we aren’t the first to see a bug. Like me right now having fits getting VS2008 SP1 installed.

Microsoft has offered up newsgroups & Web-based forums in the past. The Web-forums were quite effective but they had some performance and other issues. Thankfully the guys in Redmond responded. The MSDN forums got a huge revamp and are very slick now. I love the new UI but most importantly, they are much quicker… nice attention to performance in this iteration. The forums are also exposed as RSS feeds so you can stay abreast of the new posts in the forum. And like all forums, you can elect to get an email when there’s activity on a post you are interested in.

he Got a question about SharePoint? Check the MSDN forums! First, search the history for your problem as someone else probably hit it before you. Then post! There are tons of brilliant people who are there to help you! Here’s a few I frequent trying to answer questions as time permits.

» SharePoint - Development and Programming» SharePoint - Enterprise Content Management (this is where your WCM questions should goSharePoint - Workflow

Here are all the MSDN forums» MSDN SharePoint Forums

FYI: Please post questions to the forums instead of submitting them to my blog contact page. I’d rather help people in the forums where the answers can benefit others down the road as well.

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