New SharePoint Recycle Bin implemented with ISAPI filter

Thursday, October 6, 2005 4:51 AM

[via Chris Johnson]

If you’ve tried to build your own Recycle Bin for SharePoint document libraries, you know all too well that you just can’t do it using the event sink.  Events are fired async so the item is already blown away before the event fires.  Therefore, you can’t handle the event and quickly save it off somewhere else.

Joel Olson has posted a new Recycle Bin for SharePoint that does work.  Using an ISAPI filter, he traps the deleted document request, saves the document to the file system, and then lets SharePoint continue on.  While this doesn’t allow end users to save documents, it does allow for system admins to retrieve a document for later restoration.

Another option is to use Todd’s implementation.  Its simple to deploy (single STP file), and works like a champ!

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