New SharePoint newsgroups coming…

Saturday, May 27, 2006 12:20 PM
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This isn’t new news, but I got sick of always having to find the post on Lawrence’s blog, so I’m duplicating the list here.

New newsgroups are being added to the NNTP server for SharePoint. You can use these for the next version of CMS, Web Content Management (WCM), since it’s part of the next Office SharePoint Server 2007 release (MOSS), even Beta 2 questions!

  • microsoft.public.sharepoint.general
  • microsoft.public.sharepoint.setup_and_administration
  • microsoft.public.sharepoint.design_and_customization
  • microsoft.public.sharepoint.development_and_programming
  • microsoft.public.sharepoint.server.excel_services
  • microsoft.public.sharepoint.server.forms_services

These should be available any day now…

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