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Thursday, February 5, 2004 2:14 AM
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I’ve been hosting with CrystalTech since 1998 when I was working as an intern for a small web design/solution shop.  Let me say that CrystalTech has been a wonderful company to host with.  They were always on the cutting edge in providing the latest and greatest when it was available (.NET Framework, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, etc). and also was constantly upgrading their hardware, email & stats software.  They have a killer web interface for managing your site too.

Well, I’ve grown tired of having to pay an arm and a leg for SQL2000 to be part of my plan.  I was paying only $16/mo for plenty of disk space, but no SQL support.  I’d have to bump up to the $26/mo plan to get only a 50MB SQL2000 DB.  The more blogs you read, the more you see people hosting with WebHost4Life and SecureWebs.  I decided to try WebHost4Life as it was cheaper and seemed to get great feedback.  Been on the new host for only 5 days, but so far I’m pretty happy.  Their web admin site isn’t as easy to use as CrystalTech’s, but after spending some time, it was easy to get used to it.  Already have this blog up and running on it and email is working too!  Had some trouble with my ISP (Bellsouth DSL) not accepting the DNS propagation… took a 1.5hr call to get through to 5 support people where one guy would FINALLY understand what I was telling them.  Idiots kept thinking they were supposed to change their DNS and saying I couldn’t tell them to do that.  AGH!  Finally, propagation today!!!

I have another 3 domains that I’ll move over later when my hosting contract runs out on.  Won’t be some happy campers who I give email to for free (bro) if we have another DNS issue like that and they are sans email for 5 days (I can just see trying to explain how they can manually change their DNS to get their email… oh boy).

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