NewsGator 2.5 : sync of read state… FINALLY!!!

Monday, July 4, 2005 6:29 PM
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But why so long?  Why did it take SOOOO long to get this tiny update out?  People have been for begging it forever!  I’m still hooked on NewsGator… but I’m not happy with it.  There are so many other things it should do for something you pay.  For now, I’ll continue to get mileage out of the $20 I dropped a while ago.

So… I download the v2.5 update and install on both my laptop and desktop.  I have all my feeds organized into nice categorizations using Outlook’s folders.  For example, I have MCMS, SharePoint, General .NET, Security, and Office within a _Development folder.  What I’d like to ideally happen is have all my feeds, posts, subscriptions, and read states kept in sync between the two machines.  So what happens?

I install and do a sync on my laptop, only to find a bunch of garbage folders get created (no idea where those came from).  So I spent about 45 minutes making sure everything is cool, shutdown/startup & sync Outlook a few times to make sure all is cool.  Then I check my account on the NewsGator Online site… all is good with my folders there.

So, I’m feeling pretty good.  I copy the PST where I keep all my RSS subscriptions from my laptop and overwrite the one I use for my desktop.  I instal and do a sync on my desktop and that’s when the stinky hits the fan

I’m livid over this!  I love my subscriptions and blogs… but if NewsGator likes to trash it as bad as this “update” did, well screw them.  I’m onto doing a re-tire kicking of RSSBandit and Omea Reader.  I liked RSSBandit, but when I imported my OPML, they all came across in one flat list (a great “feature” of NewsGator 2.0).  Anyone know an easy way to move/manage your subscriptions real quickly in RSSBandit?  I didn’t like Omea originally because of the memory hog it was.

Any recomendations?  I refuse to pay for a reader… there are just too many good free ones out there.

UPDATE 7/5/2005 10:30p - As you can see in the comments of this post, Greg from NewsGator posted a comment asking me to contact him.  What started with that post, and followed is an impressive customer service experience.  Read it here.

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