NewsGator goes Media Center

Tuesday, April 13, 2004 1:06 PM

NewsGator, my RSS reader of choice, has integrated itself into Windows MediaCenter. Now, I have a TiVo… and I love it… in fact, I use it daily… I’d be naked without it. I’m eagerly awaiting the TiVoToGo package where you can extract video to watch anywhere. However, I have to say… MediaCenter sure is looking more and more appealing. I wonder (out loud)… if you have an extra PC lying around, that’s plenty powerful, and maybe if you added a TV video card, remote, a phat hard drive… could you build your own? There’s an article on PC World telling you how to do it. But what if I want to use MediaCenter as my OS? Wonder if it’s possible to build your own with MediaCenter… need to look into MediaCenter more… will the XBOX 2 be the next Media Center? Is there a monthly subscription (which I HATE about my TiVo… even though I’m a lifetime subscriber).

» NewsGator for Windows Media Center

» PC World: Step-By-Step: Turn Your PC Into a Personal Video Recorder

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