No going back… cut over to Vista!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006 6:02 AM

Yup… bit the big one. After two presentations last Thursday, I paved my laptop and installed Vista Ultimate RTM… no going back baby! Just like last time, the installation experience was a piece of cake. Everything installed just fine with only two exceptions. Thankfully since the last time I tried my Vista install, Dell has released a few drivers (QuickSet & ALPS touchpad drivers) which installed just fine. Still waiting on the Wave Security Apps to get my fingerprint reader working again. Unfortunately Epson hasn’t been as helpful and I’m now stuck without a printer (no biggie) and there aren’t updated drivers available for my nvidia card (but you can get around that by reading through the comments in my last Vista post.

The two issues I hit were that the ViewSonic drivers for my VA1912wb LCD still won’t let me max out the resolution to 1440x900 (got a support call into them for that one) and Omea Reader installed a plugin for IE7 that caused IE7 to close unless I ran it as the administrator. After disabling all Omea plugins in IE7, it ran fine.

Few customization things I’m still trying to uncover (ideas?):

  • How to modify the start menu?
  • How to change the default application to use for specific file types (for example, I want .TXT files to open in NotePad++, not Notepad)?
  • How to change the default size of the window you get when you open Windows Explorer (currently like a postage stamp… go big or go home!).

December 27, 2006
11:30 AM

Got my video drivers fixed… now my LCD is showing the max resolution. Ends up it wasn’t a problem with the ViewSonic drivers, it was with the nvidia drivers. Once I went into device manager, selected the nvidia card and said Update Driver (and after freaking out a bit for the multiple black screens), I was able to max it out! For the record, I’m now running the Quado driver v7.15.10.9746. This also bumped my Windows Expereince Index from 2.6 (where the graphics was the bottleneck @ 2.6 and gaming was 3.2) to 3.2 (where graphics is now 3.6 and gaming is still 3.2). Much better

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