Office 365/SharePoint Online + Windows Azure Authentication Challenges - About this Series

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 10:33 AM

In the previous series I talked about how you can leverage both SharePoint 2010 and Windows Azure to create compelling & powerful integrated solutions. In the introduction post I talked about how I did a session at Microsoft’s SharePoint Conference 2011 on integrating the two. In building out the demo for that I ran into some challenges when I tried to have my custom Windows Azure solution talk to and interact with a hosted SharePoint 2010 site collection living in my Office 365 SharePoint Online space. I ran into a few challenging spots when I tried using any of the four remote data access techniques available to developers:

  • REST / OData / WCF Data Services (ListData.svc)
  • Client Side Object Model (CSOM)
  • Web Services (ASP.NET ASMX / WCF SVC)
  • Web Requests (WebClient)

This blog series will talk about some of these challenges and how to overcome them. The last post will introduce a little helper library you can get for free from the Critical Path Training Member’s only download site. Let’s get to it!

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