Office SharePoint Server 2007 @ Orlando Code Camp March 25!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 7:56 AM

Today marks the first day of the Microsoft Office Developer Conference in Redmond, WA. There’s also another milestone: those of us who’ve been under NDA during the Office “12” beta program are now free to talk about, what’s now known as 2007 Microsoft Office System (this brand encompasses both the clients and server SKU’s). Now that the NDA has been lifted, I’m sure you’ll start to see a ton of posts about Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (hereafter MOSS).

Like this weekend!

After Office DevConn, I’m heading back to the east coast (ala Thursday night/Friday AM red-eye) for the Orlando Code Camp. I was planning to do a presentation on virtualization and how developers can best use it to their advantage. However, now I’m no longer under NDA, I figured this was a great op to talk MOSS! So, as I alluded to news last week, I’m formally announcing a change in the agenda. I’ll now co-present a MOSS 2007 firehose session with local MSFT softie David McNamee. The Orlando Code Camp agenda has already been updated (you may have noticed the change late last week)… here’s the abstract for convenience:

A Lap Around the New Office SharePoint Server 2007In this session, Andrew Connell of Mindsharp & David McNamee of Microsoft will discuss and demonstrate the key features in the new Office SharePointServer 2007. Topics covered include the MOSS roadmap, core improvements, document management, spreadsheet publishing, forms publishing, and building custom workflows with WWF. You’ll walk away with 20lbs of fertilizer in a 5lb bag… without the bull.

The actual title & abstract is filled with “Office 12” and “O12”… the above is more current and updated. Expect this to be a fast paced firehose session… we’re going to try to stuff QUITE a bit into the session! If you’re interested in seeing more (Office 2007 clients like Word/Excel/Outlook, or the server stuff), I’ll have both running on my laptop… the latest beta 1 tech refresh bits… come find me at lunch!

I’ve been remiss in not mentioning another role I’m playing at the Orlando Code Camp. Joe Healy was able to talk a bunch of us into doing a, well as he puts it, “Portal Smackdown - DotNetNuke vs. SharePoint” as part of the closing keynote. David McNamee (MSFT), Mark Kruger (SharePoint MVP), and I will pitch the SharePoint perspective up against a bunch of DNN enthusiasts such as Stan Schultes (VB.NET MVP), Tracy Wittenkeller, Ryan Morgan, and Brian Scarbeau (MVP).

See you Saturday!!!

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