Offline for the week…

Saturday, August 5, 2006 2:05 PM
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Next week I'm heading out with the family to spend the week with my wife's family at Folley Beach, just outside of Charleston, SC. I'm greatly looking forward to it as I'm not taking any geek stuff with me to read up on like I have in the past. This time it's going to be just my cell phone (which doesn't get service at the house, but necessary for the drive), the book I'm currently absorbed in (Ghost Wars by Steve Coll), another book in case I tear through that one too fast (The Making Of The Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes… really been looking forward to this), and my notebook (the non-powered one… pen and paper). The goal is to enjoy family time, rest, relax, and come back recharged for an exciting fall leading up to MOSS 2007 RTM!

So if I'm not answering your email, blog comments/contact submissions, or voice mail… well now you know why. And yes, I know my voice mail message is old, for some reason Vonage's VM system won't let me overwrite my old greeting (and I lost patience being on hold yesterday trying to resolve it)!

Now, if I could just get the “man, how many emails / nntp posts / blog feeds will be unread when I sync up next week?” out of my head…

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