Oh Vista you’re so fine, you really make me blow my mind… hey Vista!

Friday, February 16, 2007 4:01 AM

There’s a fair share of negative Vista posts out there on the blogosphere, such as Mark Miller’s “Vista, I’m so Pista” (dude cracks me up… it’s not a negative Vista post, just a rant on MaxVista). However, first a disclaimer, I have to post my positive experience. First, I’m not using Vista as a development platform. Yes, I do have VS 2005 & SQL 2005 installed, but I rarely fire them up. Hey, SharePoint developers LIVE in virtual machines!

Last Thanksgiving I installed Vista as a dual boot with WinXP on my primary laptop (uh, ok, I’m not kidding anyone… my ONLY laptop) and I was quite pleased with the results. It wasn’t until the Friday before Christmas that I decided to pave my laptop and go no-holds-bard and install Vista. I’ve never looked back!

I love almost everything about it. I love the sidebar (where I only keep the date, time, outside temp, battery level, a cool gadget that shows the utilization of my dual core CPU and RAM, my Outlook tasks, and some recent family pix. I love the glass… I love the new start menu, I love the speed (I swear the laptop is faster under Vista… and uses less RAM), I love it all! Once I got the updated video drivers from NVidia, was able to get the Windows Experience Index up to 3.2… not to shabby!

At first there were a few pain points… Windows Mobile Device Center took a while to get form beta to RTM (and man is it better than ActiveSync). Epson dragged their rears pushing drivers out for Vista (but so far, the XP drivers are working just fine), and some of my favorite utility apps weren’t Vista ready (DisKeeper, which now is Vista-fied!). Now, if only Dell would get on Wave Systems to send an update to their security suite that will let me start using my fingerprint reader and password minder app!

In case you’re wondering, I’m running Vista on a Dell Latitude D820 with 2GB RAM, Centrino Dual Core 2Mghz, 80GB SATA internal drive, widescreen with the NVidia Quadro 120M card (512MB). Did I ever mention I love this laptop!

Color me happy with this new OS :)

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