On my way to Redmond & the Microsoft campus for the first time…

Sunday, September 25, 2005 1:30 PM

I’m on my way to Redmond & the Microsoft campus today for the first time for the 2005 MVP Global Summit.  After missing PDC, I’m hoping (and probably a good guess) to see a lot of the O12 stuff first hand… especially the server products (SharePoint, MCMS [or as it seems to be known now as ECM], and Project Server) but I also have a keen interest in the client apps as well.

This will be my first trip to Microsoft as well as Seattle and that part of the country for that matter.  Today’s travel day is also the closer of a fun weekend.  My wife was a bridesmaid for one of her college friends at her wedding in Maine.  Friday night after work I jumped on plane and flew into Portland, to be picked up by some of her friends who brought me the rest of the way up to Augusta where the wedding was.  NOW the fun part: we just finished a 3hr drive from Augusta down to the Logan Intl Airport in Boston.  From here (Boston) I head to Baltimore then to Cincinnati, and finally to Seattle (yeah, FUN!).  I’m not expecting my bag to make it the whole trip as I’m switching airlines in Baltimore so I wore something that I could wear two days in a row if I MUST and packed an extra set of underclothes in my carry on… that should give Delta enough time to get my bag to my hotel on Monday.

I guess a guy traveling across country alone with laptop, video camera, digital camera, MP3 player, stops in 3 cities and changing airlines raises a bit of a security flag as I got to unpack and repack my carryon (that TechEd bag is fantastic for travel on commuter jets), not to mention wand scan and a pat down.

I’m really looking forward to the cool weather… highs in Maine were around the 70’s… in Seattle they are supposed to be around the 60’s… low’s in the 40–50’s.  Much different than my 90’s in Jacksonville, FL.  I’m going to do some picture taking and filming of the area which I hope to post later.  While I’d love to post just about everything I hear/see, I’m sure there will be a heaping layer of NDA all over most of it… all good.

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