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Opportunity in the Tampa/Clearwater, FL area for VB.NET/C#/ASP.NET

Just learned of a great opportunity at great company in the Tampa/Clearwater, FL area: Evatone Inc. . I have family who currently works for Evatone and highly recommended it as a great place to work. They are looking for .NET developer who will run the whole project show from design/develop/test/deploy. Here’s the jist from the Monster post (see URL to job posting below)

Senior .NET Technical Lead and programmer for the design and development of multiple eBusiness applications including: Content Management System s , Web Portals, Multi-media applications (e.g. common applications operating on both CD and Web). Ideal candidate needs to be well-rounded individual with experience in designing large and small eBusiness applications.

• Extensive knowledge of Object Oriented Design• Experience with Rational UML design approach or Microsoft ORM design tools• SQL programming (SQL Server or Oracle) (4+ years)• VB.NET and ASP.NET development experience (2+ years)• Programming experience with C++, C#, or Java (2+ years)• Experience with XML

Yes, the posting does say “Experience with Content Management Systems in general (e.g. Interwoven)” is a preferred skill set, and yes, I’ve tried to pitch MCMS 2002, but like any business, it’s what the client demands!

» US-FL-Clearwater-SENIOR WEB DEVELOPER @ Evatone

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