Orlando Code Camp - More promo (and Healy rocks!)

Sunday, February 19, 2006 4:08 PM
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As I blogged 10 days ago, the Orlando Code Camp is just over a month out.  Joe Healy has locked up all the session slots and speakers. When I heard all the presentation slots were filled, I took a peek… holy crap! I agree with Kirk and David, now THAT’s an agenda? We’re not talking 100–level ASP.NET 1.0 databinding (ok, there is some DNN stuff in there ), we’re talking:

  • AJAX
  • VSTO
  • SQL 2005 SSIS, SQL CLR & Reporting Services
  • Enterprise Library 2.0
  • WWF
  • WCF
  • Game Development in .NET
  • VSTS

Great job Joe, I’m looking forward to it! Check out the speaker list, as well as the agenda… then run, don’t walk, to the registration. The OCC is expecting 400 attendees so make sure you aren’t trying to buy a scalped ticket at 7a on March 25th when the rest of us with registration tickets are sitting in our lounge chairs with our bloody mary’s, tickets in hand!

Wait… that’s tailgating for football… damn I’m already missing my football. Wait… why can’t we have bloody’s at a code camp?  I digress…

I’ll be there presenting one session on how developers can use virtualization to their advantage… abstract here.

[Update 220]: Healy rocks even more!!! Joe added Rob Allen to talk about SubText, a new blog engine (forked from .Text) that will RTM on 3/1/2006. I’ve blogged about SubText in the past, and plan to migrate my blog over to it once it’s baked (which it pretty much is today, they are just doing some final testing and migration testing). Can’t wait to move!!! Let’s hope I can do one last update before the camp!

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