PDC 2008 - Day 3

Thursday, October 30, 2008 12:26 PM

I kicked off Wednesday (day 3) at PDC with Spence hanging with Fitz & Steve from Nintext. Fitz took the time to show me Nintex Reporting & Nintex Workflow… two very slick products. If you’re looking for a reporting solution for your SharePoint farm (specifically getting a pulse on your deployment), you need to check it out. As for workflow… one word: WOW. I’m VERY impressed. If you’re looking for a slick workflow solution for users that provides more control and power than SharePoint Designer, but not involve developers like Visual Studio 2008, this is for you. Thanks for taking the time to show me these two apps guys… looking forward to repaying the favor!

I then headed over to the Silverlight controls roadmap session. Very cool stuff and I love how they are sharing their ongoing work with the community at http://www.codeplex.com/silverlight. They are showing off their controls they are building. As they progress through the lifecycle, they fall into one of four quality bands: experimental, preview, stable, mature. As they move into the mature timeframe, they will be added to the SDK and future releases of the Silverlight control. Some of the new controls include auto complete, tree view, charting and many others. This feels like what some of the UI components developers would usually be building!

Next I headed over to developing and architecting for the cloud. This session was freaking hilarious. The presenter, Sriram Krishnan, did an awesome job… might be the funniest presentation I’ve ever seen… yes, including that SPD session back at TechEd 2007 Dustin. ;) If you can, check it out on Channel9 when it becomes available.

Lastly I hit using Silverlight & Meshified applications. Very cool stuff, but development feels very rough right now… the dev -> staging -> prod story seems like it would be quite challenging (disclaimer: the presentation didn’t cover this, that’s just my own thinking). Also it doesn’t feel just right for enterprise business applications… good for fun stuff, but aside from that… not too sure I see the vision. Cool and effective presentation though. Will be interesting to see who people use this tech.

One more day of PDC!

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