PDC 2008 - Day 4

Thursday, October 30, 2008 2:25 PM

Ah… here I sit in the food court area where all the power is writing this last recap post, hanging with fellow SharePoint MVPs Spence, Andrew & Ben (only a few of us made it to this show). Kicked off the day with a session on REST & WCF where they announced the WCF REST Starter Kit.

Next up I hit a pretty deep session on the Silverlight control model where the presenter was essentially going through the nuts and bolts on building reusable Silverlight controls and what’s involved in skinny and setting the states of the controls. Very slick and insightful session, but I certainly need to go rewatch this session as it went pretty quick as she was using the copy-paste model of coding (mental note: this is hard to follow when you’re an attendee in a session).

I couldn’t find a session that really fit what I was looking for in the next block so I jumped betweek a few of them. I first peaked in the building OBA’s session, but couldn’t focus and it wasn’t sticking. Next door they were talking about the new WPF datagrid & ribbon controls announced in the Tuesday’s keynotes. Looks pretty easy to implement the Office ribbon Fluent UI!

After a quick drop into the book store I met up with the afore mentioned dangerous SharePoint crew for the workflow services stuff in the cloud. Development looks just like typical WF… only downside is no custom code in your workflows (just XAML based workflows for now). Very slick. This would be a cool option for those people who have wanted to run a workflow not bound to an item/document in SharePoint sites!

That’s it for now… now I’ve got to download a bunch of sessions I missed as well as the decks and some code!

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