Thursday, October 7, 2004 6:00 AM
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Ditto Michelle!

Hi, all. I was at Penn State U. yesterday, speaking to students about illegal immigration and terrorism. Thanks to YAF for sponsoring and hosting the event and to all those who came to the pre- and post-event gatherings. The PS-YAF members and College Republicans are extremely energized and well-organized in Pennsylvania. They are holding the line against the Michael Moore Kool-Aid drinkers on campus.

The students regaled me with snort-worthy stories about their mindless left-wing opponents on campus--including a group of Dem bulbs who tried in vain to set fire to stolen Bush/Cheney signs with their lighters. One tiny problem: the signs were, uh, laminated. Doh!

Such donkey stunts leave no doubt about what the liberal kids are smoking.

Speaking of Moore, conservative students are rightly raising hell over his anti-Bush rallies on campuses nationwide--which are being subsidized in many cases with student fees and taxpayer funds. Moore is headed to Penn State on Oct. 22, and the student allocations committee has decided it's ok to fork over $23,000 to the College Democrats. This despite explicit rules forbidding student activity fee expenditures for partisan purposes. The allocations committee defended its decision by arguing:

The spirit of the program is to share the benefit of Moore's status as a filmmaker and significant public figure with all University Park students.

[The student allocation committee's] mission is to enhance students' out-of-class experience. Allocating funds to the Moore program accomplishes this.

These committee members are obviously smoking the same thing those Dem sign-burners are smoking. Moore is openly using his lavishly funded campus appearances not to teach about filmmaking--but to recruit as many Democratic voters as possible by any means necessary. He has offered bribes of underwear, Ramen noodles, and dorm room cleaning services in his bid to boost Dem voting rolls. And the mainstream press, which would be calling in U.N. monitors if a Republican celebrity were engaging in this behavior, is mocking conservatives who have complained about Moore's campus recruiting activities.

Some schools are wising up to the Moore/Dem racket. George Mason Univ., a public institution, cancelled a Moore appearance that was scheduled just six days before the election and would have cost students and taxpayers some $35,000. Moore's minions are casting him as a free speech martyr. What bull. He is free to spout his anti-Bush vitriol to any audience willing to pay to hear him. The issue is the use of public funds and coerced student fees to fund the Moore/Dem voter drive.

A true patriot, Thomas Jefferson, said it best:

To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.

Moore should keep his hands off students’ money and public coffers. Go ask the Left’s Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mama for help if you are so hard up for cash, dude.

[Via Michelle Malkin]

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