PainlessSVN - MMC v3.0 utility for managing your Subversion repositories

Wednesday, August 22, 2007 5:21 AM

[via Larkware]

Now this looks very promising for those of us Microsoft-headed folks. I use Subversion for all my source control but one thing I’ve never been totally comfortable with is the fact that if it broke, I really don’t know how to get in and fix stuff. More importantly, I don’t create new or manage existing repositories and such because I’m scared (yes, scared) I’ll break something so I’ve got everything in one repository. Hey, it works, it’s being backed up… I should be cool.

This group called SystemWidgets has put an app out called PainlessSVN that leverages MMC v3.0 to help you manage your Subversion repositories and server without the command line. Ah… now I’m feeling the warm fuzzies.

Currently in beta, I’m a bit timid to give it a shot as, like I said, I’m scared of breaking my respository… but I’ll keep my eye on this guy.

» PainlessSVN makes managing your Subversion server just that, painless and simple

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