Podcasting & Photo blogging

Thursday, December 2, 2004 3:51 AM

Two things out in the blogosphere are being talked about… one I know of, the other I’m still digging around on: Podcasting & Photoblogs.

Podcasting: I think the name comes from the iPod… basically it’s a blog audio attachment (like an email attachment). It’s picking up steam and some people really like it. Some of Angus' comments on the problems with podcasting are shared by this blogger. I haven’t been impressed, don’t plan to jump on board, and of the feeds I’ve listened to, I still like webcasts more.

Photoblog: Same concept as a blog, but just insert photos instead of text. I want one, and I can’t find a good engine (actually, I haven’t found any free ones like my blog engine). I’d like to:

  • have a small client app (like w.bloggar) that I can put some comments around my photos
  • easily add one/multiple photos
  • queue up a few to post later
  • categorize and the like

Ideally, I think I’d like something just like .Text (now known as Community Server), but have it be oriented more towards images… hmm… .Photo is a good name! Geez.. here I go again creating another pet project that I don’t have time for.

Anyone have info on PhotoBlogs? Maybe some suggestions on engines already out there for me to try? Or want to get together to start a project sometime?

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